Sunday, October 21, 2018

How can Tally ERP help feedlot

Tally is one of the most popular accounting software. Now, it has got the ERP feature. It finds its use in many businesses. In India, over 90% of businesses use it as their primary accounting software. It is probably the easiest accounting software. This helps Tally to penetrate to any area of business. Because, you don’t need a high qualified techie to operate it. Anyone can learn Tally quickly. Many businesses like schools, associations, malls, etc use Tally. In this article, we will discuss how feedlots can get benefit from Tally.

In a feedlot, there are many variables and factors that need tracking to increase the profitability. A feedlot or feed yard is a type of animal feeding operation (AFO) which is used in intensive animal farming for finishing livestock, notably beef cattle, but also swine, horses, sheep, turkeys, chickens or ducks, prior to slaughter. So, the variables that are tracked are food or grains eaten by livestock, weight gain, meat produced, sales, etc. In order to track all these variables, a software should have a good input interface, portability, remote access and community support. Tally provides all these features in the simplest way possible. Places like feedlots spread over several acres of land. Thus, they may require multiple data entry stations.Tally Server serves as a backbone to this type of distributed systems.

Multiple users with multiple machines can access the same software and data from different endpoints. Moreover, Tally can maintain records of salary detail, payslips , sales transactions and so on. The latest version of Tally has the GST feature which completely eliminates the extra work.You can manage payment information, cheque and so on. This makes Tally really cool for such areas where multiple types of data are managed simultaneously. It also has the feature of zero value transaction like donations.

Another most important feature of tally is it can provide graphical view of the data. This helps in quick observation of data. For an instance, the user wants to find the relation between the food consumed by livestock and the revenue generated. Tally will create a graph for the representation of the data. Thus, the user can easily understand the result.It also helps the user to keep in track of the other expenses on the livestock. All these features contribute to the profitability of the livestock farm.

Coming to the conclusion, Tally is very helpful software in different areas of business. Also, it is very easy to use. Another important feature of Tally is it supports multiple currencies. This can be the biggest reason behind it’s immense popularity. Other accounting that can substitute Tally are Microsoft Dynamics NAV( now Microsoft Business Central) and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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