Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mobility in Poultry Farming

Poultry farming has become a modern trend globally. The practice is mainly divided into chicken meat food processing poultry farming and egg production/ laying poultry farming. A few years back, poultry farming was regarded as a very demanding experience. Fortunately, that perception is considered as backdated thanks to the modern technology. Modern poultry farmers are rapidly embracing advanced technology techniques to grow their farms effectively.


Here’s how

1      Effectiveness and convenience
The introduction of the mobile application for poultry management software tools has made poultry farming much easier and exciting for farmers. The use of wireless sensor network solutions with software for poultry farming is highly beneficial in terms of effectiveness and convenience. Having unlimited access to a centralized database from any location including the office, or home can be so convenient for any poultry farmer.

Early detection of diseases
The availability of wearable wireless sensor nodes is highly valuable in boosting early detection of diseases in poultry. The poultry industry is fraught with affordable mobile-friendly solutions and applications that every farmer should embrace to monitor manage and improve their poultry’s health significantly. Surprisingly, it is common for poultry disease outbreaks to infect humans. Luckily, mobility in poultry farming helps in preventing loss of chickens through infectious diseases that threaten human health. Now with IOT we can integrate these devices with ERP/ software for poultry.  

Poultry security
Using mobile ERP for poultry makes it easy for both small and large scale organic farmers to protect their birds from notorious predators such as coyotes, hawks, raccoons, and foxes. Better poultry security leads to a healthy poultry bird’s population and increased profits for farmers. You will also be able to protect your poultry from bad weather such as extreme heat, rainstorms, and snow among others

Hatchery Management
Farmers are using highly effective hatchery software to forecast and plan for their day olds conveniently and efficiently. It is imperative for every poultry farmer to invest in a reliable mobile ERP tool to Calculate business parameters such as FCR/Mortality.

Boosts management performance
 Many modern farmers are increasingly using advanced software to manage Own /Integration/ Contract Poultry Farm. Embracing advanced technology that boosts mobility in poultry farming can make all the difference for any farmer. The advantage is that modern ERP technology boosts management performance. Consequently; it leads to increased productivity, cost reduction, and well-streamlined operations. With that in mind, it is important for Poultry farmers to embrace Mobile ERP solutions for sound decision making. Modern ERP solutions are increasingly growing more popular among poultry farmers due to their ability to empower their employees with extensively accurate and prompt information. With the right knowledge, your executives can effectively give personalized service to your poultry customers.

Mobile ERP solution makes work easier for those in poultry farming by enhancing business efficiencies, calculation of parameters such as FCR, Mortality etc, boosting egg flow overview, and forecasting the age of birds among other benefits.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Future of the Enterprise Application Cloud Vs on Premise

Many people remain undecided on whether to maintain on-premise data systems or migrate to the Cloud. With major technology vendors such as Oracle and Microsoft stepping up their efforts in emphasizing the endless advantages of running applications, infrastructure, platforms and even storing data in the Cloud, it is imperative for businesses to make the right decisions for their own good.

In order to make the right call on whether to store your data in a privately controlled data center or use a public cloud service, it is important to understand that On-Premise ERP solutions are locally installed on your organization’s servers and hardware. Reluctantly, they grant your staff maximum control. On the other hand, Cloud ERP or enterprise application  is always provided as a service by other contractors who also manage them centrally on behalf of their clients.

Do I pick an enterprise application on premise or cloud?

Well, the type of deployment model you pick will depend on these factors;

Ownership Costs
Whether you opt for ERP on cloud, BI On Cloud or HCM on Cloud, you must have a clear budget in the mind. Running any On Premise Application like ERP, HCM requires a tremendous investment to install, maintain and manage. Additionally, you need reliable IT personnel to run it effectively. By and large, On-premise systems require high maintenance, full-dedication and time to operate than cloud-based solutions.

Convenience and security
Running On-premise systems require rather a disproportionate amount of time, and focus. Unfortunately, this type of deployment limits your time and resources to grow your business extensively. In terms of convenience, cloud based systems emerge as the superior option for many modern businesses. The advantage of this type of system is that it