Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Part 3 - Another Five Reasons to Implement Standard ERP in Poultry Industry

This blog is in continuation to the series on the subject, our previous blog are: 1. 2...  Post hatchery the One Day Old Chicks are moved to the farms for the brooding, rearing & Laying. 

Top Five Reasons to Implement Standard ERP in Poultry Industry

The ERP for the brooding, rearing or laying need to ensure an effective farm management to cover up day to day operations. It should also help in planning of the daily activities. Lot of tools are available in the market for the farm management or the poultry management but these tools lack the flexibility which is required so that the data entry can be done for all kind of variables. The variables are the result of breed, farm conditions, location etc. 

Part 2- Another Five Reasons to Implement Standard ERP in Poultry Industry

The effective & flexible ERP tools such as NAVFARM ensures the data capturing along with graphical presentation of calculation of the key business drivers such as mortality ratio, Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), Weight Gain, sexing error, daily production, egg size etc... The advantage of using the standard ERP in the farm of poultry or any other live stock rearing are: 

  • Effective Planning: These tools help you in planning for the feeds, vaccinations and other consumables well in advance due to automated calculation based on the hatching date and flock number. The centralized planning across the multiple farms locations whether owned or contract can be achieved with planning modules of the poultry ERP.
  • Mobile Data Capture: Mobility is another big advantage with new age software for poultry or livestock rearing operations. A mobile application of ERP helps in the data capturing at the farm location and then collate all information into the centralized server. This mobile data capture help in further more advantages such as:
  1. Real time monitoring
  2. Key ratio calculations
  3. Predictive analysis based on the historical data
  4. Control on the farms and supervisors remotely with the help of location & video capture facility.
  5. Uniform Data structure
  • Inventory Management: With real time data capture, inventory transactions also happen in real time. You can define inventory policies such as maximum-minimum inventory, Safety Stock, Order Policy etc at the farm level in the ERP. This in turn helps you in better planning of the consumables hence no shortage. It also assist you in farm supply chain management for the inter farm transfers. A complex supply web can be configured in the ERP, enabling you to build multiple farm locations and livestock products.
  • Laying or Egg Management: An ERP can help poultry business owners to keep updated on the EGG inventory simultaneously capturing the data related to the egg size, defective eggs, Days production  etc. This helps in faster movement to the market for the eggs and better cash flow projections. 

In conclusion if you are a new age farmer and your vision for growth is defined, ERP can assist you in achieving it faster by bringing in automation and consolidation of the data. I hope you are enjoying this series of the articles, Please feel free to write about above article to [email protected].

About the Author:
Mr. Anubhav Maheshwari is an enterprise application veteran having 18 year experience in managing multiple segments and roles in IT and business. While working with top 5 IT companies Anubhav has implemented different applications across verticals worldwide. Anubhav is a certified specialist in Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and BAAN. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDBA) in Finance & Operation from the IMT, Ghaziabad and a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University, Bangalore.