Wednesday, November 21, 2018

What is Human Capital Management (HCM)

Human capital administration (HCM) is the thorough combination of best practices for hiring, supervising, creating and rationalization the HR of an association.HCM is frequently utilized as an umbrella term to catch numerous particular procedural procedures inside a business, for example, enrollment, preparing, booking, financed rewards forecasting. The expression hints a way to deal with the management of human resources by treating them as company’s assets that a company can surely invest in order to have their performance capacity maximized.

Best Human capital management System offers aset of software developed to help in the attainment, tracking and development of employees – effectively automating and streamlining processes. HCM software helps you in analyzing what to outsource and what to keep home.

How do you hire talent?
HCM is you one solution for hiring rightful talent for your organization. It also provides interface with similar Human Resource software and has the ability to perform contextual tasks. HCM software have social media integration with its recruitment module so that process can engage with the huge network of people who are already interested in your company. Form these people, you can surely get the right person recruited for the job.An automated recruitment process makes it easy for employers and HR department to find the most competent candidates — through sharedCV. Also, LinkedIn profiles of people can be very helpful in this.

Identify the performer in the Organization:
When you go through the record of your employees, you quickly get the idea of their performance. You can set performance goals, performance evaluation, training and give bonus reward to the employees who are giving the best performance. Automated interactions between HR managers and employees help you find the need of your employees. You can apply an automated 360-degree review system and a multi-rater tool to get an ideal appraisal on you employees.

How to build successful Team?
You can have an effective collaboration between your employees though automated attendance, task scheduling, leave management and connecting with the payroll provider. Task scheduling provides the managers ability to predict needs, analyze pattern shift and analyze coverage. All of this is done inside the software where you already have your employees record.You can identify the deficiency of your employees and set the learning goals. Automated attendance provides time counting and leave management, track acquiescence info and reduce workforce rate with Time sheets and Punch Time. HCM provides you following features to build a successful team:

  • Fully automated recruitment process help you in on-boarding best people for the job.
  • With positive collaboration within employees, you can build an ideal work environment regardless of cultural diversity.
  • You can set competition tasks and rewards for the goal achievement to retain top performer.

New Era of performance management:
Best HCM tools allow you to perform a successful evaluation of where to take what action. In the today’s world where company’s have evolved into complex entities of human resource, cloud based HCM solutions provide convenient way of performance monitoring your employees by keeping the record of all the aspects of their job. Performance management allows managers to map activities to their corresponding targets and assign them to employees or teams. Form the HC software, managers can do tracking of goal alignment and competencies of the individuals in achieving the goals by doing the activities. This Appraisal System not only help the employers in their important business decisions but also help employees in performing a good self-appraisal. HCM software includes many tool for Performance Management.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

How to make supply chain responsible

In an organization, a responsive supply chain is very important. A responsive supply chain can give great results to the organization in different areas. All these benefits add to the reputation, popularity and profit of the company or organization. There are different features or modifications that an organization needs to implement to make supply chain responsive.

But, in order to get an idea to make the supply chain responsive, we have to know the different aspects of supply chain. Now let us look into some techniques to make supply chain responsible for livestock farms.

First, the traceability. All the changes that took place in the farm and in the livestock should be logged and maintained. This process helps the managers to get a bigger picture of what is going on in the farm. Nowadays, computer software can easily do it. The data like the amount of food fed to the livestock and so on can provide a detailed view of the work going on in the farm. Thus, in case of any error or disease, the root cause can be traced easily. Prudence Technology has collaborated with Microsoft Dynamics to meet the business requirements of multiple and single-site feed producers. Whether you need to handle the complexity of tracing every batch of raw material or identify the margin on every order line, our integrated solution helps cater to these business requirements. So, they produced the software named “NAVFARM” dedicated to livestock management.

Next, the livestock farm should have cloud data backup. With NAVFARM, the data generated from the farm get punched to the cloud on weekly basis. This helps the farm to have their data secure and safe. This is required because there is a risk of data loss due to hardware wear and tear. Moreover, the software is made for use worldwide, i.e. it also complies with the new GDPR policy. This data can be used for analysis in the future, if needed. For an instance, in a farm, cows milked in December produced 20 liters of milk, but in January they produced 10 liters. The root cause of such a change can be found out and corrected by analyzing the data in the server.

Another important factor that contributes a lot to supply chain is proper financial management. Without this, a livestock farm can go into big loss. All financial transactions should be recorded. This gives the managers a clear picture of the profitability of the farm. NAVFARM provides a beautiful dashboard with financial graphs so that the user can easily get a clear idea about the profits.

The NAVFARM software provides a lot more features to make your supply chain responsive. Some of the features include FCR and JMV operations dashboard, capacity utilization dashboard and so on. The software also has a clean dashboard for goal and achievement. This is a vital feature of NAVFARM which is important to make any supply chain responsible