Friday, August 3, 2018

How to Create and Apply DFF ( Descriptive Flex Fields ) in Oracle Fusion Cloud

Oracle Fusion Application- OFA Is an ERP software application produced by Oracle Inc.
Oracle Fusion ERP is acquired in the market for his features and functionalities that is taken from Oracle EBS, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and Siebel.

Oracle Fusion has been served as Cloud Based Software Application that includes Finance Management, Accounting, Project Management, Procurement, HCM.

With this Blog we can create and apply DFF on Oracle Fusion Invoice Page.
For Invoice Page, we can create and apply DFF at Header Level and at Line Level.
For Line Level DFF:
- Go to Setup and Maintenance
- Select your Implementation Project
- On Search panel, search for “Manage Descriptive Flexfields”

Then Search for “Payables” Module

On behalf of Search Result, you can see Invoice Header, Lines and so on, select the Name where you want to create the DFF. We are going to create DFF for Invoice Lines. Select and Edit “Invoice Line” from searched result.

Then Click on Add Global Segments.

Now mention your required field Name; Code and API Name will generate Automatically and click on Enabled check box.

Fill other details like Data Type, Table Column (Where the value will be store on AP_INVOICE_LINES_ALL table), Value Set.

Now mention Display Properties like
Prompt: With which name you want to see DFF on Line Page.
Display Type like Text Box, Drop-Down, Pop-UP LOV, Radio Button etc.
Display Size:  Size of the select type, you want to display on Invoice Page.

After Save and Close, you will be redirected on Edit Descriptive Flexfield page and you can see your DFF here.

If you want to add more DFF, follow the same instruction then Save and Close “Edit Descriptive Flexfield”.

Your DFF has been created Successfully, you can check the DFF now at Payables - Invoices - Invoice Lines - Details (at the end of each line).

- Prompt; we have used while creating the DFF.
- Textfiled and display size; we have used while creating the DFF.
- Description; we have used while creating the DFF.

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