Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Future of the Enterprise Application Cloud Vs on Premise

Many people remain undecided on whether to maintain on-premise data systems or migrate to the Cloud. With major technology vendors such as Oracle and Microsoft stepping up their efforts in emphasizing the endless advantages of running applications, infrastructure, platforms and even storing data in the Cloud, it is imperative for businesses to make the right decisions for their own good.

In order to make the right call on whether to store your data in a privately controlled data center or use a public cloud service, it is important to understand that On-Premise ERP solutions are locally installed on your organization’s servers and hardware. Reluctantly, they grant your staff maximum control. On the other hand, Cloud ERP or enterprise application  is always provided as a service by other contractors who also manage them centrally on behalf of their clients.

Do I pick an enterprise application on premise or cloud?

Well, the type of deployment model you pick will depend on these factors;

Ownership Costs
Whether you opt for ERP on cloud, BI On Cloud or HCM on Cloud, you must have a clear budget in the mind. Running any On Premise Application like ERP, HCM requires a tremendous investment to install, maintain and manage. Additionally, you need reliable IT personnel to run it effectively. By and large, On-premise systems require high maintenance, full-dedication and time to operate than cloud-based solutions.

Convenience and security
Running On-premise systems require rather a disproportionate amount of time, and focus. Unfortunately, this type of deployment limits your time and resources to grow your business extensively. In terms of convenience, cloud based systems emerge as the superior option for many modern businesses. The advantage of this type of system is that it 

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