Sunday, July 8, 2018

How to upload AR invoice using FBDI

Download FBDI for auto invoice:-

Fill the data in Excel Template Format and don’t change the sequencing of the column.

Click on Generate CSV.

Save the file.

Go to Schedule process in Tools tab:

Search for process(Load Interface File for Import)

Upload Create ZIP file in the system:

Click On Submit:

Your request is running and you need to wait till it got status ”Succeeded”

Now run the process(Import Receivables Transactions Using AutoInvoice)

Enter your “Business unit” and your “Transaction Source” then click on submit

Report is running and wait till report is succeeded:

Two more requests  are running (Once they completed successfully, AR Invoice data will be

Noe:- You can get the status of data by getting the output of request (Import AutoInvoice: Execution Report)
You can also check error in the data by the spreadsheet:


PRAKHAR SAXENA is Oracle Fusion Technical Consultant with overall 2.5 years of Experience. He is B. Tech from Amity University and has started his career with Prudence Technology as a Graduate Trainee. He is part of Oracle COE. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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