Friday, July 13, 2018

Challenges in Digitization of traditional core sectors Example Farming, Dairy, Livestock Farming

Digitization entails procedures that aim at converting information into a computer-readable format. Usually, the information is well organized in bits. Consequently, analogue material sources are changed to numerical formats. Digitization is fundamental in data processing, storage as well as transmission to avoid omission or losing its quality. Digitization is a perfect way of preserving data in many sectors. However, digitization of traditional sectors such as farming, dairy, livestock, suffers major challenges such as poor internet connections, lack adequate support for integration and implementation of digital software among farmers.

Poultry software and its challenges
Poultry software or ERP for Poultry makes it possible to collect information in real time on poultry health and the same information reaches the manager instantly. In spite of the success associated with poultry software, very few modern poultry farmers embrace this kind of technology. In fact, few farms are in a position to collate and analyze data from their farm due to lack of sufficient time and knowledge including other obligations. Consequently, information that is fundamental to farmers; as it provides insight goes to waste.

Livestock management and its challenges
Livestock management software tools are significant in every livestock farm. These livestock management software tools impacts trans-formative changes. For instance embracing precision livestock farming(PLF). This is entails advances in sensors and data algorithms that shape animal performance including well tailored health and nutritional solutions. PLF is a paradigm shift towards commercialization for instance use of hi-tech tools such as robotic dairies where you use the information the dairy robots generate. Primarily, many users and even producers inadequately understand how to make use of the generated information. This is a major challenge.

Mobile application for farming and its challenges
In this era of civilization, the use of mobile and cloud-based apps is essential. In fact, mobile and cloud based applications help farmers to address any sustainability challenges as well as creating a financial value for all farms. It is primarily used in delivering information and enabling farmers make sound land management choices. Reuters Market Light (RML) is a good example of a mobile application for farming which utilizes. However, mobile application for farming faces challenges including cloud computing, integration of IT systems as well as limited inadequate education and low mobile phones proliferation among farmers especially in the rural areas.

Dairy management and its challenges
Dairy management faces a number of challenges. The farm inputs are expensive minimizing incorporation of mechanization in dairy farming. Another challenge is early detection of mastitis in dairy cows. Essentially, conducting milk conductivity errors helps detect and treat potential mastitis early in your herd. Mastitis is tested using a strip cup. Apparently, mastitis leads to low milk production.

In conclusion, the vast benefits of digitization of traditional core sectors aims at reducing transactional, transportation as well as product traceability, storage and pest and disease control, tracking, and for commercial benefits. Apparently, digitization of traditional core sectors heightens the overall farm performance. There are tools such as NAvfarm which helps farms in adopting digitalization of the farms.

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