Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Performance Management: An Effective Tool for the Talent Nurturing

Performance management refers to finding new talents and nurturing current employees to increase organizational engagement and performance. It talks about analyzing the performance of the employee and provide training and other essential resources like performance management tool to enhance performance. 
For many years, the approach to managing the workforce and conducting business has changed drastically. To achieve high profitable margins and meet strategic goals, it is essential to align talent management along with organizational needs concerning manpower, resources, and capabilities. Perhaps, most of you would approve that organizations transforming their HR functions to performance management are centralized towards establishing a strong business and building future leaders.

Continuous performance management process helps in determining the performance level of individual employee at each step of their career path and it can increase confidence in them to perform better every day. Performance evaluation and appraisal step hold high importance to encourage marginal contributors and high performers. Performance management system must not only be limited to appraisals; however, it must have a clear vision to affect each process, which is linked to employee development.

In spite of organizations outlining their strategic goals for the year, employees also need to contribute to that goal. Sometimes, employees are in ambiguity regarding how they can improve the vision of the company. The ideal way for an organization to help employees work at their best level is to make them feel involved in the process as well. Through the help of Project Management, HR and managers continuously help the employee to perform better and facilitate key areas in that way realizing the goals of the company.

Talent Management
Talent management encourages training, development and experience among employees. Efficient training experiences boost employee development; at the same time support every people to give their best performance.

Considering the present state of the business world, it is essential to determine the scope of improvement in employees as well, mentor them with proper guidance and help them establish their skills. Providing them best opportunities to improve their capabilities and to prove their caliber is the ideal way to nurture and retain them. Further, it also helps in establishing a strong talent of capabilities needed to meet future needs and continuous business changes.

It is important to have the best HCM software in the organization like Oracle Fusion HCM, as it helps keep a better pulse on the performance of the employee and guarantee readiness for new roles. Apart from that, it also connects employees and finds expertise so people can perform their jobs well at any given time. Knowing makes on-boarding much impact. Training makes performance management actionable as well, while development drives people to the proper roles within the organization. Social HR learning happens on a regular basis in every workplace, and having an ERP for HRMS software keeps a tab of all of this efficiently. Balancing digital HR training with promoting bottom-up communications and leadership skills gets all the oars in the water drawing in unison. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Why Is It Important to Upgrade Your ERP to the Latest Version?

The ERP System of a company is its lifeline. Small malfunctions can have big ramifications that denote some companies hesitate to undertake any change whenever there’s even the least potential for unexpected changes or unplanned downtime. Unfortunately, this risk avoidance behavior could actually expose a company to more risk, which it will fall behind its competitors in its capability to adapt or respond to new business practices.

In the ERP world, we often explain that applying your solution is the same with building a home – it starts with a strong base, add options and more. If this was the case, ERP effective upgrade methodology might correspond to adding advanced efficiency windows, installing infrastructure for smart home features, managing building code changes and diminishing services costs in the future.

Here are simple reasons why you need to upgrade your ERP to its latest version:

Upgrading your ERP will boost performance and restore the user experience

Technology is continuously changing. Not too many years ago, people couldn’t have imagined the possibility of cloud-deployed solutions, the smart-phones tablet adoption as well as the general speed at which we are now capable of running business. On the other side, processors are faster, solid-state drives are more prevalent and RAM is cheaper – getting rid of the IT responsibility from the organization. SQL and Windows improve on a regular basis to take advantage of those hardware changes and shifting tools. A best example can be upgradation of Microsoft Dynamics Navision 2009 to 2013 or 2016

Delaying the upgrade of could be costlier

Did you know that an upgrade could be an expensive endeavor and needs a business case to defend the investment? However, it’s a rare business, which can continue to thrive in a moving marketplace while operating the antiquated software. Further, while an upgrade to each new ERP release is oftentimes not required and could sometimes be overly lavish in connection to business needs, allowing your solution stagnate for five or more years might prove to be costlier. For example upgradation of Oracle EBS 11i to R 12.2.6 will become costlier as Oracle is moving 11i on the premium support.

Get support for your version from the Provider

As newer versions are being launched and released, older versions are no longer supported by ERP  Service Provider such as Microsoft Dynamics Navision or Oracle EBS. Critical upgrades to the software will no longer be accessible that can lead to open security vulnerabilities.

Stay current with the modern technology

The software your business utilizes offers you an impression to your employees and customers too. Ensure you are giving the right one. If you acquire the latest version, it tells your customers they will get the highest quality service as well. Your staff will know that you care enough to offer them with the best tools to guarantee their success.

 Keep in mind that regular upgrades are essential for the life of your business. While you could get away with skipping each version upgrade, depending on how long between them, you must ensure you are as updated as possible. Do not put your business at great risk by operating unsupported and outdated solutions. If you are ready for a cost effective up-gradation, make sure to get help to a trusted Oracle EBS or Microsoft dynamics Service Provider to help maximize your business potential.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why Business Analytics is important for the Microsoft Dynamics Navision?

Business Analytics have made a big difference in business through the effective utilization of reports, business functions and holding of information. Microsoft Dynamics Navision on the other hand takes its effect on customizing business functionality and customizes the solution to be used in integrating business process. If business analytics is used in Microsoft Business Navision, there is a chance that the business you have is managed in a more accurate way through the managing of reports and utilizing of solutions.

The following are the other importance of Business Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics Navision:

Effective Process and Usage of the Information needed by the Stakeholders

Microsoft Dynamics Navision comes with the right handling and usage of information wherein business analytics could do an integral part to make the information process more used and handled a fast and reliable way through the right acquirement of sources and reports that contribute to advantage of the stakeholders.

Gathering of Data from Different Sources

Microsoft Dynamics Navision involves an excellent kind of data gathering to utilize the making of business reports, apart from this there can be other source of information like POS, CRM, HRMS. With the use of Business Analytics, there is a sure way to have an effective data sourcing through the Microsoft SQL Server. Thus, business analytics used effective data gathering would result to a successful report viewing that would result to the success of the business.

Determines the Possible Needs of the Business

Business Analytics makes a point to determine the possible needs of the business using the strategies and techniques in performing business functions and operations. A business has a set of required needs in order for it to succeed. Performing Enterprise Analysis would ensure the business would have the right and effective process and function it needs. When this happens, the business would not only meet its needs but the clients as well.

Builds an Excellent NAV Report Designer

In taking your business to the next step, Microsoft Dynamics Navision has made the foundation of the reporting engine to produce effective and reliable reports. Thus, it removes the problem of making faults on costs and finances. Business Analytics makes sure to provide the report designer to develop the idea of making successful reports to better boost business function.

Takes a Big Contribution on NAV Analysis

Microsoft Dynamics Navision not only deals with excellent business functions, data gathering or reporting, it also has a scope in NAV analysis wherein Business analytics has an integral part through using an open view of the analysis to be made in every business process. With Business Analytics, there is a sure way of getting a better analysis concept of the business to be able to make the right solutions in case of business problems.

The effectiveness of Microsoft Dynamics Navision takes on a new level with the aid of Business Analytics. These pertain to the improvement of business functions together with reporting and viewing of analysis made in the business. Hence, a successful way of making the business successful is not far behind from the demands of the business industry. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Human Capital Management on Cloud, a journey towards digital HR

Human Resource technology is reshaping as the rapidly changing workforce which ultimately leads to new software delivery models with social, mobile and analytical abilities. Most companies have already commenced the application of new HR system which would be able to respond more efficiently. There are basically two categories named on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) and cloud ERP. The selection largely depends on the structure and the operations that are carried on by the organization. New technologies, complex systems and specialized work requirements are putting the leaders and the Senior Executives in some sort of pressure that either go digital, or lose the effective work force.
HR organizations are moving towards such culture which could offer the employee a suitable environment to work in, enabling logical or coherent thinking among the employees and allowing to choose their own path for the progress. Oracle’s powerful technology offers a wide range of critical objectives such as improving proper allocation of human resources to ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly. Being the leader in implementing Oracle Fusion HCM suite, our professionals carry experienced in their relevant fields with creative ideas and cooperative models, we allow organizations to make their HR departments more flexible, modify their current strategies and to ensure that any transformational change required, would be implemented with efficiency and effectiveness.

HCM on Cloud:

Oracle HCM Could was made so that the organization could carry on with the drastically changing economic world. HCM on Cloud allows the organizations to adapt advance business techniques, and the ability to respond as the company grows in size and in terms of profit. This system covers the every single of aspect of human resource management ranging from job satisfaction, job stress, covering the entire HR, extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. It allows the organizations to identify and make best use of the talent available and it also helps to gain competitive advantage by reviewing the management and business strategies.

We can also provide the guidance in implementing Oracle HCM Cloud to organizations in order to conduct operations and HR service in a more effective manner. We also focus on the standardization, alignment of responsibilities of the employees within the organization; resulting less management layers which ultimately reduce staff cost. The company also provides guidance and arranges the change management qualities of the change implementer and produced guided codes and guidelines for the implementation of change, formal structure of the organization and many other tactical aspects which could help the organization to be a strong competitor.

ERP for HR systems:

Enterprise Resource Planning is a cross-functional system driven by an integrated suite of software modules supporting the basic internal processes of an organization. The organization most powerful weapon is their work force specially if the work force carry out the basic operations of the organizations e.g. Teachers and professors, accountants and lawyers in a professional firm or doctors in the hospitals. In order to satisfy the basic needs of your work force, some organizations are adopting the ERP systems in order to be more efficient and allow the departments to enjoy the easily accessible and accurate data.

The company also provides ERP with HR modules with automatic systems that allow initiating critical data for enterprise planning and development. Being the implementer for Oracle Fusin HCM, the company also provides Oracle HRMS which is an automatic HR department system. Single integrated software offers a more complete view, enables better informed decisions, and should immediately lead to more efficient operations which ultimately increase the profitability. However, one must ensure that it choose the most appropriate ERP system for its organization as HRMS is more suitable for larger businesses as they needs to be responsive to change.