Monday, May 23, 2016

Oracle Business Intelligence Paybles Dashboard

As per Prudence pre-built approach, Dashboards and Reports are easy and fast to be rolled out on Oracle secured cloud environment with customer’s data so that the data makes more sense and let them understand as to what changes are required to the standard one’s in making better decisions. Our methodology not only helps the customers design their choice of dashboards well before the system has been configured on the actual platform thus saving a lot of effort and cost in doing the actual implementation.


Payables Module provides an overview of heath of the payable side of the business and enables Finance to best manage its cash outflows and ensure timely payments to its suppliers.

OVERVIEW: Payables Overview Page provides key statistics on the payables function within finance. Metrics include DPO, Overdue invoices and reports that provide insight that how efficient your staff is.

Overview Dashboard consists of 4 metrics
  1. DPO (Days Payable Outstanding)
  2. Payables Snapshot
  3. Invoice Transactions Efficiency
  4. Payment Performance 
  1. Here we get the information about Days Payable Outstanding
  2. Drill in place
  3. Here we get info about AP Balance and Days Payable outstanding for each supplier
  1. Gives snapshot of key performance indicators in payables for the current fiscal quarter
  2.  Drill in place for all amounts except for invoice amount. All amounts drill is same as below except the last one i.e. the amount for AP Total Payment Amount.
  3. It directs to Payments Due the third tab in the dashboard
  4. Here we can see :
a)      AP Payment Due aging (Chart and Pivot table drill on pivot table)
b)      AP Payments Overdue Aging Report (Chart and Pivot table drill on pivot table)
c)        Top 10 Suppliers by payment due in current quarter
d)      Top 10 Suppliers by overdue amounts
e)      Payments due by Payment due date
a, b pivot tables look like below

  1. AP Payment Due aging: Displays the AP payment due aging for the current fiscal quarter.

Drill on amount a. Pivot table (Click on dollar amount) directs to Payments Due invoice Details (1-30) Days Aging Report where we get the below details. Again there is drill on Supplier Name. It will get the filtered data for that supplier with same columns as above. Similarly for 31-60, 61-90, 90+ we will get different reports with same columns

  1. AP Payments Overdue Aging Report: Display the Ap payment overdue aging for the current fiscal quarter.
Overdue amounts are supplier balances that are past payment due date. If the overdue balances as a %to AP balance are high, this could indicate problems with the supplier. There could be dispute with the supplier. If it is not resolved, then the vendor might stop supply which could disrupt production.

Exactly the same way it is designed for overdue amounts also (b. Pivot table) with same columns and again there is drill on Supplier Name.
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