Thursday, June 9, 2016

How the Cloud is going to Reinvent ERP

The buzz has become reality and IT managers along with business users have started accepting cloud as the cost effective solution for the enterprise applications. We are seeing adoption in areas such as HCM, BI and storage. Percentage of adoption of ERP with cloud is still at a very low due to sensitivity of the data captured in the ERP. We have identified following areas where cloud can help in reinventing your ERP:

1. User Experience:

  • The whole GUI is web based which is much easier technology in the internet world. User can
    associate himself with application.
  • The speed of the servers is dynamic, which means user need not to wait for the processors.
  • Remote working from anywhere in the world enhances the productivity of the users.

2. Easy Upgrades: Organizations can get rid of longer cycles for the upgradations as the cloud applications are updated by the OEM itself. Which means the less risk & down time for the typical patch or version upgradations.

3. Infrastructure Efficiency: Organizations end up purchasing hardware which might be over & under the optimal requirement. In both scenarios they are bound to incur loss. In cloud world the dynamics of the hardware is flexible and can be reduced or increased as per load factor. The SLA (Service level agreement) with OEM, protects end user from the under performance of the hardware.

4. Technology Agnostic: The technology is moving at a faster pace than the adoption of the same in the organizations, which results in the redundancy of the on premise hardware or software. Cloud helps in driving keeping your software/hardware up to the mark and accessible through multiple channels.

5. Flexible Roadmap: Modern cloud ERP helps organization to adopt the best practices in processes. Hence irrespective of the size of the organization these platforms can be adopted. The uniformity of the processes makes roadmap of the smaller organization on the same platform as of large. 

The above points can help you in taking a decision on the cloud ERP. In case you have any feedback or observation please feel free to write to us [email protected]