Sunday, December 18, 2016


Demand of modern times for resource centric organization is directly proportional to Talent Revolution. Attractive qualities such as praise, feedback, transparency, appreciations and self development will have a profound impact on organizational talent retention.

To unleash the potential and keep talent motivated companies must prioritize the employee journey, from an initial candidate screen to career performance to succession. Talent acquisition and retention has always been an important part of execution of business strategies. For them keeping people first will be critical transformation of the organization from traditional business practice to cultivating a strong hiring brand and eventually create a workplace culture.

Talent Acquisition: Oracle Talent Management helps organization HR to be faster, more efficient and more productive. Powerful capabilities include recruitment marketing, employee referrals, social networking, interview collaboration tools, and automated on-boarding. With Oracle Taleo companies can source the Right Talent which is powerful and contains multi-channel sourcing which lets you easily find and attract the right candidates with the right skills, knowledge and experience.

Unique, hands-on configuration capabilities allow HR managers to easily customize data definitions, reporting and recruiter workflows, resulting in superior strategic capabilities. Quickly identify, engage, and hire the best candidates based on position requirements. Discover and recruit top talent early and stay ahead of the competition.

And meanwhile I writing this blog I have discovered Talent management has moved to the top of the CEO’s agenda in current decade. As per the studies, 53 percent of world business leaders said that insufficient talent within their organization could harm them financially over the next couple of years.

Oracle Taleo helps HR win war for Talent acquisition and retention. Taking holistic approach to the talent management with OTBE you can:

Start focusing on Employee Experience Management with

  • Creating a flexible and user friendly system for all employees accessible globally 
  • Creating influential on-boarding with automated paperwork and compliance
  • Meaningful and interactive Performance Review Process
  • Align organizational Goal with Talent KRA.
  • Manage growth with training and development programs
  • Use predictive analytics for succession planning. 

With Oracle Talent Management Cloud, HR managers have strategic insight and effective workforce planning to help their organization build the best talent and stay ahead of times.

About Author: Shiv Gaurav is Partner Consulting at Prudence Technology having rich decade plus consulting experience with various enterprise verticals along with strong international/domestic customer experience. Shiv is an alumnus from reputed institutions namely La-Martiniere, MJPRU & IIM with consulting exposure into enterprise applications like Oracle, Microsoft & SAP.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Data Visualization and Advanced Analytics

Understanding the key aspect of Data Discovery, DVCS includes multiple features to facilitate the data analysis process. One simple tool used for data discovery is the filters: the user can decide to filter Attributes based on values or Measures based on ranges.

Together with the filter, Reference Lines and Trend Lines are available in DVCS straight out-of-the-box. As well as these features, more Advanced Analytics tools are available in combination with R. For this reason, DVCS includes an Oracle R Distribution (version 3.1.1) installer executable after the installation of DVCS. When R and the required libraries are installed, we will be able to use Clustering, Outlier Detection and Forecasting, as well as custom R scripts.

In the example below we use Clusters to identify how the number of branches by region affects the sales. In addition, we have a Reference Line to analyze the average sales for different branches. Finally, using Trend Lines, we can see that the relationship between minimum number of branches and sales which has been increasing over the fiscal year month.

Oracle R Distribution is an Oracle-supported redistribution of open source R which comes pre-installed with Oracle applications. ORD is part of Oracle's overall strategy for Data Science. ORD built on the fundamentals of R is a programming language and software environment is meant for statistical analysis, graphics representation and reporting. ORD facilitates enterprise acceptance of R, since the lack of a major corporate sponsor has made some companies concerned about fully adopting R.

Why Oracle R Distribution?

  • Improve scalability and performance at R client and database with Oracle R Enterprise embedded R execution
  • Dynamically load linear algebra performance libraries for Intel's Math Kernel Library (MKL), AMD's ACML, and Sun Performance Library for Solaris, which enables optimized, multi-threaded math routines to provide relevant R functions maximum performance on targeted hardware
  • Oracle-provided enterprise support for customers of the Oracle Advanced Analytics option, Oracle Linux, and the Oracle Applications 

Data mining with ORD: Automatically works large data volumes to find hidden patterns, discover insights and make predictions

  • Identify most important factor (Attribute Importance) 
  • Predict customer behavior (Classification) 
  • Predict or estimate a value (Regression) 
  • Find profiles of targeted people or items (Decision Trees) 
  • Segment a population (Clustering) 
  • Find fraudulent or “rare events” (Anomaly Detection) 
  • Determine co-occurring items in a “baskets” (Associations)

How much bigger is data going to get with the Internet of Things (IoT), and how will this change the way businesses gather, store, compute, and consume data? There are a few ways companies can leverage the massive, unstructured data of the IoT with DVCS. We would talk about this in our next blog.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Recently PTPL attended one of the South Asia’s largest exhibitions “Poultry India 2016in Hyderabad. It was a 4 days event from (22-25) November. The event organized by IPEMA was marked by a milestone as they successfully completed their 10 years of collaboration with Poultry India. The cynosure of the event was to apprise the Poultry fraternity by accustoming them with the automation and the use of significant technologies".

The event was attended by one the best poultry practitioners from all over the world. The main agenda of the exhibition was to unveil the best scientific approaches requisite in nurturing & promoting poultry farming activities. This will not only empower the farmers to enhance their productivity & quality but also foster Indian Poultry trade in the international market. The event provided VALUABLE insights of the recent developments in the international poultry industry.

Prudence Technology being an eminent practitioner in the Poultry vertical unfolded their product ‘NAVFARM’ which is a Complete Livestock Management ERP Solution instills the following:

  • The solution is collaborated with Microsoft Dynamics to record all the transactions and activities involved in a farm.
  • It integrates Flock Performance, Purchases, Sales, Expenses, Feed Formulation, Feed Production and Accounting.
  • Depending on the Geographical, Climatic Conditions, Age and Availability of Raw Materials, different Feed Formula are adapted by the Farmers.
  • A separate module is included in these systems to develop cost-effective formula.


  • NAVFARM™ assists Hatcheries to maintain the consistency across the processes while capturing the data from multiple sources.
  • It reduces the probability of errors in complete Layering & Hatchery Management System to record all the transactions and activities involved in a hatchery
  • The application covers all aspects of Hatchery, from housing of Day Old Chicks to Hatching of chicks. Candling, Temperature, Humidity record keeping also available in this module.

PTPL put their best foot forward in the race of best poultry practitioners & registered their name in the history of Poultry India.

I am confident that IPEMA will uphold the legacy in the coming years as well. It was a sheer treat to the eyes to witness diverse segments of poultry sector from all over the world come to India under one roof and making Poultry India 2016 a huge success.

About the Author:
Ms Shalini Gupta is a Business Consultant at Prudence Technology having 2.5 years of experience in Retail and Marketing Sector and roles in IT and business. Shalini holds a bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering .She holds a Postgraduate Degree in Retail and marketing from JD Institute, Delhi.