Sunday, November 4, 2018

How to make supply chain responsible

In an organization, a responsive supply chain is very important. A responsive supply chain can give great results to the organization in different areas. All these benefits add to the reputation, popularity and profit of the company or organization. There are different features or modifications that an organization needs to implement to make supply chain responsive.

But, in order to get an idea to make the supply chain responsive, we have to know the different aspects of supply chain. Now let us look into some techniques to make supply chain responsible for livestock farms.

First, the traceability. All the changes that took place in the farm and in the livestock should be logged and maintained. This process helps the managers to get a bigger picture of what is going on in the farm. Nowadays, computer software can easily do it. The data like the amount of food fed to the livestock and so on can provide a detailed view of the work going on in the farm. Thus, in case of any error or disease, the root cause can be traced easily. Prudence Technology has collaborated with Microsoft Dynamics to meet the business requirements of multiple and single-site feed producers. Whether you need to handle the complexity of tracing every batch of raw material or identify the margin on every order line, our integrated solution helps cater to these business requirements. So, they produced the software named “NAVFARM” dedicated to livestock management.

Next, the livestock farm should have cloud data backup. With NAVFARM, the data generated from the farm get punched to the cloud on weekly basis. This helps the farm to have their data secure and safe. This is required because there is a risk of data loss due to hardware wear and tear. Moreover, the software is made for use worldwide, i.e. it also complies with the new GDPR policy. This data can be used for analysis in the future, if needed. For an instance, in a farm, cows milked in December produced 20 liters of milk, but in January they produced 10 liters. The root cause of such a change can be found out and corrected by analyzing the data in the server.

Another important factor that contributes a lot to supply chain is proper financial management. Without this, a livestock farm can go into big loss. All financial transactions should be recorded. This gives the managers a clear picture of the profitability of the farm. NAVFARM provides a beautiful dashboard with financial graphs so that the user can easily get a clear idea about the profits.

The NAVFARM software provides a lot more features to make your supply chain responsive. Some of the features include FCR and JMV operations dashboard, capacity utilization dashboard and so on. The software also has a clean dashboard for goal and achievement. This is a vital feature of NAVFARM which is important to make any supply chain responsible

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