Saturday, September 2, 2017

Challenges HR are facing in measuring Performance of employees in an Organisation

Can you think your life without technology came to the masses? Let’s take some examples of technology we are using in our daily life e.g. Mobile and internet. These are the basic examples, without them our life is very difficult. Everyone knows how usage of mobile is increasing day by day because lots of mobile application are available e.g. Google map, e-commerce, medical apps etc. Everything is available at your home by using mobile and internet.

Now you can relate how technology makes our life simple and time saving. 
Unfortunately, many organisations are not aware about this Performance Management Solution. They don’t know how effective it is to increase the responsiveness and responsibility of employees. This is key tool to offering helpful Feedback to Manager and HR. HR can’t handle goals and competencies of each employee manually. This is the fact that employees think nobody can monitor their performance.  On the basis of a single meeting in a year you can’t ensure complete year performance.

No matter how good you are in managing performance of your employee but all employees will not be happy because there is no transparency in your organisation.

But like technology has changed the way we think of webs, technology has changed the way we look
at performance evaluation. Perceptions are changing, technology is enhancing constantly. But despite recent advances in software and strategy, performance management solution is still a huge tripping block for many organizations, and it can be a living nightmare for employees. That’s why we’ve teamed up with modern approach of performance management specialists to deliver solutions to common challenges in the review process. Read on, and move with us into the future, where nobody unease the performance balance score card.

 I did calls to HR of many organisations. I had conversation with them regarding what challenges they are facing to evaluate the KRA (key result area) of their employees on monthly basis? They shared following challenges:-

Employees completing their goals on time or not.
It’s essential to monitor the employee’s performance monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annually. We assign goals to each employee, it’s easy to measure goal of sales team but it’s difficult to measure goal of other employee. We can’t ask what they did in a month or in quarter because there is no tool. It is important to decide the top priorities for organization, and determine through goals and actions how you will support them. Employee will become responsible for achieving their goal.

We can’t decide accurately who are top performer and worst performer in our organisation.
It depends upon the manager’s rating. But sometime employee complains for it. Some good employee resigns after the annual appraisal because they said according to their performance they did not get the appraisal from our organisation. It is big problem to retain good employee of our company. By using Performance Management Tool you can make balance card on the basis of their KRA and you can retain top performer of your organisation. 

We can’t decide in which field training is required to our employee?
We take a technical test and then we can decide the area of training but you are right this is not possible for old employee. We can’t decide in which area they need training because some time we can’t see the mistake of one employee. In team it’s difficult to found out who is doing mistake. So tool is required so that employee itself, their colleague and each manager can give review according his reference. It is 360 degree or Multi-rater tool.

We can’t measure competency of our employees.
No there is no tool. We can’t observe each employee to measure competency. Technical knowledge is not enough for a company. Employee behavior is also very important. If any employee is not behaving well then it can affect the work environment. 360 degree review system is available. Each manager and employee will give rating on the basis of their competency and goal.

We are not whether we are using complete potential of our employee.
According to us yes we are using but again there is no tool to manage work and time of employee. By using Performance Management Solution you can ensure complete usage of potential of your employee. By using PMS you can align individual goal with organisation. Manager will give approval to their goal. After approval of their goals you came to know each employee’s potential.

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