Thursday, January 11, 2018

How Data Analysis can help Poultry/livestock Farm owners

It is fascinating that we all live in an era of data. Both poultry and livestock farms are no exception, with data being available than before. Embracing technology in poultry and livestock environments, farmers have access to all the automatically collected data. The data is crucial to ensure reasonable production levels. Data analysis helps in the interpretation stage to offer insight into finding solutions to possible problems that a farmer may have. Usually, you save a lot of time and also make it easy to process and analyze data to predict if something is wrong.

Business Intelligence refers to the process of making sound business decisions using real-time data.  Having insights into your Microsoft Dynamics Navision with Business intelligence for poultry ERP gives an excellent content pack. Realistically, you savor numerous benefits, for instance, you are in a position to make an analysis of data from various sources as well as reduce complexity creating poultry reports. Additionally, with a Business Intelligence solution, you dwell on data to make a decision relying less on instincts and perception.

Calculation of critical ratios that are key performance indicators like food conversion or mortality ratios is crucial to farm owners. Often, feed expenses are the primary budget item on farms. FCR reflects the effectiveness of a feed strategy. You can calculate it over a set period, for instance, monthly, quarterly, annually or herd basis.

FCR=Feed intake divide by Average daily gain

Where feed intake and average daily gain are in kilograms or grams

Variables like average daily gain and mortality rates complement FCR to facilitate evaluation of profitability of a farm.

Software for poultry key ratio helps assess benchmark and monitor farm performance. Usually, the rate provides further interpretation and application on the farm. The farm owner also derives the strengths and weaknesses of the operations in use. As a result, software for poultry key ratio is a value-added tool to help create a quick analysis of all the performance on the farm. For instance, financial analysis performance which ensures you proffer significant reports for your clients. Equally, the software has made reporting a simple process. An example is current ratios that indicate the ability of the farm to meet its cash obligations due the next year.

Business Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics Navision beneficiaries has individual requirements like reports, Key performance indicators. They are on different metrics, for instance, sales, finance or production. Reporting tools for data analysis held within Microsoft Dynamics Navision ought to have a high-level overview of benefits. They include Jet reports that help format, filter and report design capabilities. With jet reports, there is complete visibility in that you access information from various business farm systems and databases simultaneously.

Conclusively, managing the farm business requires checking the performance of assets and potential areas of risk. As a result, embracing modernization makes it easy to run errands on the farm and fun too.

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