Friday, April 7, 2017

Journey from Farmer to the Corporate World

The poultry farm industry is normally lucrative and when to run properly and complemented along with a good automation in livestock management, it offers excellent potential for its shareholders. Having a poultry business can concentrate the on chicken breeding, meat production or egg production.

Poultry deals with chicken, which apart from fish, beef, pork counts as a stable in the diets of a normal consumer in any household. Chicken is very famous among fast-food chain because it can be cooked relatively fast. As a matter of fact, outsourcing the chicken supply, a lot of fast food restaurants have its own poultry farms so they can sustain consistency in the quality of the chicken.

What are the Benefits of ERP for Agriculture?

Integration with business 
Traceability of all the expenses items as well as the profitability at a feed plant, hatchery or farm helps in calculation of P&L at a similar level. A simple click of a button could drill down to profitability at the hatchery, feed plant or farm as ERP assists in getting all the information.

Collaboration with mobility
Did you know that mobile application for poultry helps in better collaboration with the flow of information within organization along with the single source of truth? ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics Navision, which is supported by a solution like NAVFARM, offers mobility to the farm supervisors and sales person.

Effective use of resources
The 80:20 rule that is applicable in saving 20% increase in available of efficient time of resources by ERP initiative, adds to the 80% increase in the Key deliverable because of the investment of the time on the proactive measures instead of post fact analysis.

Livestock or poultry industry is growing due to the increase in urban per capital at the same time falling prices of the egg and broiler. Now, in order to compete in the ever-growing market to increase or sustain the market share, every organization needs to invent. One of the crucial aspects of this innovation is the adjustment of the IT systems in the business process.

ERP for Poultry
Features farmer should expect:

  • Linking straight to the data permits for real-time information to make essential business decisions faster 
  • Integrates with industry leading logistics corporations, which include Excel Logistics and Win-canton 
  • Using the role center users as provided with dashboards configured to the Dynamics job function like Sales Management, Production, Operations Management and Supply Chain. 
  • Create and keep financial fixed assets

Integration along with an amount of in-house bespoke systems for buying, production, and sales.
A software for hatchery/feed/food processing must be user-friendly enough for the employees of the company to be comfortable in using it. Employees who may be utilized to particular reporting methods and formats may originally be reluctant to embrace an MIS for poultry business because they think it would be cumbersome and complicated. Therefore, another challenge is to make sure to educate the employees and inform them that utilizing an ERP software for poultry is not too complicated even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

By adopting these practices, a farmer can easily target to build up a organization holding multiple farms, multiple location.

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